Budget fuel controller for Yamaha XJ6 FZ6 2004-2014

Dobeck performance mfg part number: 9140139

Dah pasang ekzos dan air filter performance, tapi enjin masih sebu, throttle response tak smooth?
Air fuel ratio dah lari tu.

To get the most out of upgrades like high compression pistons, performance camshafts, exhausts or another power adding components, adjusting the amount of fuel being delivered is a logical next step. Much like re-jetting or adjusting the pilot, needle, and main jet circuit in a carburetor, EJK by Dobeck Performance GEN3.5 Fuel Controllers can really enhance the performance of aftermarket parts.

GEN3.5 EJK Fuel Management Controllers for EFI tuning are extremely simple and easy to use and better yet they require no dyno, complex hookups, power supplies, or extra wiring harnesses! With the push of a button, you can easily adjust fuel delivery by adding/subtracting fuel from each zone to work in conjunction with your latest modifications. The display lights on the controller will display the injector pulse duration, which provides instant feedback for where to make the tuning adjustments. Simply plug the included connector into the existing factory wiring harnesses, mount the controller for easy access, and make the adjustments without ever leaving the seat of your bike/ATV. It doesn’t get any easier than this to dial in your new EFI engine.

Installation not included in the price. Harga tidak masuk upah pemasangan. Sila pasang di kedai atau mechanic kegemaran anda.

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