The 2013 BMW R 1200 GSW is the first production motorcycle ever with an optional LED headlight. Both the LED and standard halogen headlights use an exposed glass face that’s dangerously vulnerable to kicked up rocks and other debris. Keep your lights intact on the trail with a Lexan Headlight Guard from AltRider.

The resilient face of the headlight guard is precision cut from impact-resistant Lexan polycarbonate – the same material used in bullet-proof windows. This Lexan is formulated with a hardened scratch resistant surface both front and rear. The face attaches to the stainless steel frame with a custom machined aluminum ball and rubber socket connection that provides a sturdy connection free of any vibration. These innovative fasteners make removal of the guard for cleaning a cinch – no tools required. The Lexan guard is also interchangeable with AltRider’s Stainless Steel Headlight Guard.

This version of the AltRider Headlight Guard features an extension in the design that will protect the LED heat sink or any accessory lights located under the main headlight.

The stainless steel frame of the Lexan headlight guard is anchored on all four corners of the headlight to provide a robust foundation to absorb impacts. Unlike other available headlight guards, installation is simple and doesn’t require removal of the blinker stalks or any bodywork. The top is mounted using OEM bolts while the bottom uses provided stainless steel hardware. The metal frame is laser-cut and grain finished. The frame is available in brushed stainless or powdercpat black finish – both are incredibly resistant to rust and weathering. The headlight guard will fit both the halogen and LED headlights.

The AltRider Lexan Headlight Guard also includes a specially designed glare guard. This durable vinyl decal attaches to the wind deflector below the windshield. The refined matte finish prevents light from reflecting off the windshield into the riders eyes.

Please note – while Lexan is an incredibly tough material, chemical based cleaners will rapidly break down the material (ex. alcohol, Windex, etc). This is same case for your visor on your helmet. Only warm water and mild soap should be used to clean the Lexan headlight guard.

NOT Compatible with R1200GSW Adventure

All AltRider products are 100% designed and manufactured in the USA
Polycarbonate face resistant to impacts and is specially treated to harden the surface to resist scratches
Extended version protects LED heat sink or accessory lights below headlight
Custom machined ball and socket connection allow removal of face without any tools
Lexan Headlight Guard interchangeable with Stainless Steel Headlight Guard
Stainless steel frame provides strong foundation and is highly resistant to rust and weathering
Compatible with halogen and LED headlight
Frame available in Brushed stainless or powdercoat black finish